Our district
Between dynamism and traditions

Gastronomic outings

You have to let it live, the recipe. Anyway, we never cook twice the same.
I do not work with proportion, grammage but instinct, envy. At the intuition.

Paul Bocuse

Les halles Paul Bocuse


Emblem of the gastronomy of Lyon and rendezvous of the gourmets, you will not be able to leave without having visited the Halles Paul Bocuse!

Bouchon Daniel and Denise


A key stop in the neighborhood, chef Joseph Viola invites you to discover his cuisine.

Brasserie de l'Est


Paul Bocuse's team welcomes you in the elegant Brotteaux train station around a kitchen dedicated to travel

Cultural outings

The Tête d'Or Theatre


Under the direction of Jacqueline Bœuf, the Tête d'Or Theater offers a varied program from creation to guest performances.

The Auditorium of Lyon


Atypical shell-shaped building, the Maurice Ravel auditorium invites you to discover all the music since 1975.

The Bourse du Travail


Created in 1891, the Labor Exchange hosts a large number of concerts, humorous shows or dance.

Shopping outings


Inspired by the marine world, the Confluence commercial center is part of the project of architectural transformation at the tip of the Presqu’Île.

Part-Dieu Shopping center


Second largest shopping center in France in terms of visitors and one of the largest in Europe.

The Presqu'île


Hypercentre of Lyon, come and stroll on the streets of the Presqu'île between major retailers and many restaurants.